How to use partition merge tool in order to merge files for programming Nand flash?

1. Use the partition merge tool to merge customer’s single files. One important thing is that every single file must include the data of spare area of each block. If the single file does not include the data of spare area, then the customer can not use this tool to merge file, and must prepare a partition table file themselves!
Customer also needs to know the start block number of every single file, and the end block number can be filled with the number of “x-1”,(x stands for the start block number of next partition )
(for MT29F1G08ABCHC, select ‘SLC-2048*64’)


2. Select MT29F1G08ABCHC(ORB2),and load the programmable file and partition table file into the “NAND” Buffer and “Partition table” Buffer respectively.

3. edit “E,P,V” and select “Partition” in the Dev.Config.

4. Begin programming!

For more details, please refer here: Partition programming instruction.doc

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