How to use special programming tool Xplayer which resides within SPIS01 software in order to program CPLD series chips produced by Altera and Actel?

Programming an Actel device requires running Staple player, available from Actel, and generate a programmable data file with .STP extension. Programming some Altera devices require running Jam Player, available from Altera, and generate a programmable file with .JAM extension.

XPlayer is a kind of special programming tool which resides within IS01 and is mainly for CPLD series chips produced by ACTEL, ALTERA etc. As long as the customer provides corresponding STP or JAM file (such files can be generated using such design tools as ISE, Quartus II etc.), the corresponding device can be programmed. Select “XPlayer” on the “Device” menu bar, then the dialogue box pops up.


Device related information is already included with either .STP or .JAM file, so there is no need to select a device for programming. Please have a look at the below list of devices supported in Xplayer. May be more devices will be added in future.


ProASIC3 Devices

A3P015, A3P030, A3P060, A3P125, A3P250, A3P400, A3P600, A3P1000

ProASIC3E Devices

A3PE600, A3PE1500, A3PE3000


A3P250L, A3P600L, A3P1000L, A3PE600L1, A3PE3000L

ProASIC3 nano

A3PN010, A3PN015, A3PN020, A3PN0301 A3PN060, A3PN125, A3PN250


AFS090, AFS250, AFS600, AFS1500

IGLOO Devices

AGL015, AGL030, AGL060, AGL125, AGL250, AGL400, AGL600, AGL1000, AGLE600, AGLE3000



EPM240/G/Z, EPM570/G/Z, EPM1270/G, EPM2210/G

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