I have installed a PCI card with parallel port on my new computer, however I have aproblem with my SuperPro 2000 software. It is unable to communicate with my programmer. Is it possible for my SuperPro 2000 working under 2.0GHz Win XP?

A : SuperPro 2000 is a very old programmer. We don’t provide service now. Normally, it doesn’t work under PC with high speed processor. You can try to use a tool from Microsoft called Microsoft Virtual PC and create a Windows 98 virtual computer running on your Win XP desktop. Then install the programmer software to see if it works. You also need to set the parallel port to EPP mode within PC BIOS. Btw, the parallel cable of SuperPro 2000 is used to transfer the logic signal (0-5V). We also recommend you upgrade your programmer to USB model programmer.

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