I need PLCC44 socket adapter on SuperPro3000U Programmer.

We have two types of PLCC44 socket adapters on SuperPro 3000U. They are SA244
and SA411A. Both of them are compatible.

SA244 (PLCC44/D44) uses open top socket Price: $110.00
SA411A (PLCC44/D44) uses clamshell type socket Price: $195.00

SA244 uses auto eject type socket, which causes friction when a device is inserted or
removed causing wear on the socket. SA411A uses clamshell type socket which doesn’t
cause any friction therefore more reliable. SA411A adapter costs more.
SA244 and SA244-B006 are the same adapters. All PLCC44 devices use it on 3000U.
SA244-B4403 is an old adapter used for SuperPro Z, which has only a 40pin DIP

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