SuperPro III works well on my 2.4 Ghz Desktop. However, I got the communication error when I use SuperPro Z the 2.4 Ghz Desktop. SuperPro Z can only work on my 1.4 Ghz laptop. Why?

SuperPro III is a top model more than 10 years ago as current SuperPro 3000U. Even it supports the chip less than SuperPro Z, it is a very fast and complicate unit. SuperPro Z is cost effective hardware. Please check Requirements & Compatibility Information about SuperPro Z as follows. “SuperPro Z programmers are entry level low-cost models, which do not have internal processing capability. It relies on the PC host CPU and memory for programming and other functions. As such, there may be some timing variations caused depending on PC CPU and operating system used. As a result, some later devices which are timing sensitive may be affected in their programming performance. Also, due to its limited hardware architecture, inconsistent operation may occur with some models of later Window systems. When this occurs, we recommend you to try on a lower speed system and when this does not solve the issue, contact us for upgrade to one of the later USB models.”

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