What are ISP requirements for target PCB?

Circuit on the PCB has to be designed to be able to program serially. Following points should be kept in mind:
1 Serial input, Output, clock, Ground, Power pins, etc. should be easily accessible from outside.
2 In order to prevent the required programming pins from incurring signal jump during the programming, it must be ensured that the PCB circuit board where programming pins locate is not connected with other circuits. Data, clock, and power lines in the circuit may clash with external signals being applied. Appropriate open/ closer jumper switch has to be in place to prevent this.
3 Precautions for power:
Though SPIS01 programmer can provide programming power (1.8-18V, 5W), in most cases the power provided by ISP programmer is not sufficient to make the target board work normally, therefore, we preferably recommend to use the self-contained power of the target board.
4 Precautions for the design with reset generator
If ISP needs to use RESET pin, and when the RESET generator has already been provided on the target board, please take care. The RESET generator may conflict with the actuation signal of the programmer.

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