What is ‘mass production” on IS01?

One of the  important feature of SPIS01 is called “mass production”, once the programmer detects that the target board gets ready and ISP signal arrives, it immediately starts the functional operation defined by AUTO without keyboard operation. TPIN and TPOUT in  the port are provided for this purpose. TPOUT supplies high level, and TPIN is level detection input line. Short-circuit them on the target board, once ISP signal is applied to the test point, TPIN immediately detects high level, and AUTO command sequence can be started.

Following are the details regarding TPIN and TPOUT:

TPIN: target system power on detection(input)is pin 13

TPOUT is pin 9 on ISP cable.

If the “mass production” function is to be used, TPIN and TPOUT signal lines should also be connected. Pls apply 3.3 V to TPOUT.


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